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St. George's Dan Leidl Presents to NEPSAC District 3 Athletic Directors

Dan Leidl joined the faculty at St. George's School last summer. The School was looking to hire a head boys' lacrosse coach, and Dan's extensive lacrosse background combined with his experience in and passion for the study of culture change was intriguing.  Dan earned his bachelor's degree from Drew University, his master's in child development from Tufts University, his master's in counseling, and his Ph.D. in sports psychology from West Virginia University. Dan has “dedicated his professional career to leadership development, the development of teams, and the advancement and maintenance of high achieving cultures ... in both large and small organizations, working with teams ranging from athletic and corporate to nonprofit and governmental.” Dan hit the ground running and has worked to develop a winning team culture. St. George's lacrosse is gaining momentum, slowly but surely. Dan would say in the most positive tone, "too slowly", but you most certainly can "feel" a difference when you watch the team play. The boys are more positive and they are working hard. The scores have not necessarily "flipped" quite yet, but Athletic Director Rachel Horns is confident that with Dan's ability to teach the sport and continued focus on mindset, the Dragons will become a well developed team both physically and mentally.

On Tuesday, Dan addressed NEPSAC District III athletic directors at Belmont Hill School. The conversation touched on several obstacles which athletic directors encounter daily. How best to support coaches, manage specific school culture, parental expectations, communication, and finally, asking the group about any tools they use to navigate all of the above. The group benefited from listening to Dan, but also simply by listening to each other. Often our greatest resources are our very own coaches and peer athletic directors.